Daredevils Dare Not

Roller derby, BMX, play soccer, or skateboard drunk?! That would be crazy! Drive drunk? That would be really crazy!.

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Nothing’s better than summer in Suffolk County. Don’t ruin it by getting arrested for drunk or drugged driving. The free Have A Plan app has features like an Impairment Estimator, which can help you evaluate whether or not you should drive, and Don’t Drive. Get A Ride, which brings up taxi, transit and car services near where you are in Suffolk County, as well as a list of trusted contacts you can rely on to help you get a safe ride home. Suffolk County law enforcement will be out in force this summer pulling over impaired drivers. Have A Plan not to be one of them!

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Every summer in Suffolk County, too many people are senselessly killed or injured by drunk or drugged driving. Pledge not to be one of them! Enter your name and e-mail address below to show your support for Suffolk STOP-DWI.

The Solutions


Never let a friend drive drunk. Drive them home, call them a cab, or ask them to stay overnight, but don’t let them get behind the wheel.


Know when to stop drinking. For most, two drinks within an hour are the most you can safely drink without risking a DWAI or DWI arrest. But remember, even two drinks can affect your judgment.


Think ahead, choose a designated driver. You can have a great time without chancing a crash or arrest and everyone will feel better knowing they will get home safely.


Always wear your safety belt. All drivers, front seat passengers, and children to the age of sixteen must wear safety belts while traveling on New York’s roadways. Also, children from birth to the age of four must be seated in a federally approved safety seat.