Let's work together to reduce the numbers of chronic DWI offenders and alcohol-related injuries in Suffolk County.

What you can do.

Take the pledge.

Every year in Suffolk County, there are too many tragic injuries and deaths from alcohol-related vehicle crashes. You can pledge your commitment to not drive impaired and work towards the goal of zero deaths.

Show your support for Suffolk County STOP DWI. Together we can reduce injuries and fatalities, and stop impaired driving.

Have a plan.

What can you do to keep yourself and others safe?

Plan ahead and choose a designated driver.

Start out right and have a plan in place to get home safely when you’re ready to leave.

Always wear your safety belt when in a vehicle.

You’re much safer with it on, and it’s also the law.

Stay in control of your drinking.

Know your limit and always plan on the side of caution if you are considering driving.

Have a good time. End with a safe ride.

If you’ve been drinking, you don’t have to get behind the wheel and drive. Getting home safely and staying in control is easier than ever with the free Have a Plan App. Download it now, then share it with your friends!

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You can make a difference.

Local law enforcement takes drunk driving seriously. They work relentlessly to apprehend impaired drivers and make our roadways safer for our community. Our goal is to educate drivers to stay safe and make smart decisions, ultimately bringing down the total number of DWI arrests each year.

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