What does BAC level mean?

Blood-Alcohol Concentration or BAC measures the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream. Each alcoholic beverage consumed will cause your BAC level to go up. That means having just one drink will begin to impact your sobriety.

BAC Chart

How much am I actually drinking?

Did you know each of the following drinks contains the same amount of alcohol?

  • 12-oz can of beer at 5% alcohol
  • 5-oz glass of wine at 12% alcohol
  • 1.5-oz of 80-proof liquor at 40% alcohol
  • 12-oz wine cooler at 5% alcohol

If you drink more than 2 drinks per hour, you may be over the legal limit. Factors such as gender, body weight, and whether or not you have eaten recently can all have an effect on what your BAC level is.

The only thing that can sober you up is time. Not food, coffee, or any other substance.

Remember: impairment begins with your first drink. If you have to guess if you’re sober enough to drive, get a ride. There are no excuses.